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SEO copywriting: Essential elements to focus on

The only way to build a blog audience is to be smart about your content. The biggest challenge for bloggers is creating content that appeals to their audience and is optimized for search engines. You must ensure your content meets two objectives to succeed in your online business. First and foremost, it should appeal to your audience. Second, it must solve a specific problem.

An intelligent approach to the basics of SEO copywriting

So how can you ensure your content meets both goals and still ranks well on Google? It is where SEO copywriting comes into play. Don’t worry; you don’t need an expensive SEO copywriter to achieve these goals. All you must do is understand the different elements of SEO copywriting and how to use them to improve your content for higher Google rankings.

Do you want to create an interesting blog post? Don’t know how to start. Writing a good blog post can be challenging. Let’s start with by looking at some general guidelines for writing a good blog post.

What is SEO copywriting?

Copywriting is the art and science of creating high-quality content that convinces your audience to buy a product, sign up for your newsletter, or take action that benefits you.

A copywriter is a creative who understands their audience intimately, knows what appeals to them, and writes relevant content. Their content usually consists of phrases, words, paragraphs, and sentences that make the audience take a particular desired action. An SEO copywriter is even more creative because they know how Google reacts to specific phrases and words.

SEO copywriting is about creating compelling, high-quality content and getting people to share it on various social platforms. That not only improves the relevance of your content but also gives it an authority that improves your Google ranking for selected keywords.

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Elements of SEO copywriting

It is imperative to incorporate good SEO practices into your content consistently. That will make it easy for you to achieve a good Google ranking. Below are some of the essential elements of SEO copywriting.

1. Speed of your website

Since 2010, website speed has been one of the factors used to rank websites. Research has shown that about 40% of visitors will leave a website if it does not load within 3 seconds. Websites with more than 2 seconds of loading time are usually ranked lower than those with a higher speed. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that your website’s speed is in order before moving on to the content.

2. Headline

Headlines are essential to improve click-through rate and Google rankings. Choosing a captivating headline that will make your audience click on your content is very important. A good blogger will take enough time to create an attractive headline before moving on to the main body of their content. That is important because, without a catchy headline, many people will not read the content. After all, very few will click on your headline.

3. Meta Description

Before you write or publish your content, use meta descriptions to guide the search engines. This way, the search engine can understand your topic and figure out why your keywords keep appearing in the content. Your meta description should be 150 and 160 characters long for SEO purposes.

4. Content

Quality content is an essential element of SEO copywriting. The only reason people do research online is to find helpful content that answers their questions.  Search engines also react very well to fresh and unique content. For these reasons, it is essential to take the time to create quality content. The only way to create content that will rank well on Google is to focus on keywords. However, be careful not to stuff your web content with keywords or over-optimize it.

5. Frequency of keywords

Keyword frequency describes the number of times a particular keyword is repeated in your content. Nowadays, keyword frequency is not as important in search engine optimization as it used to be. However, it still plays an important role. When creating content, ensure you don’t stuff it with a particular keyword, as this could hurt your Google ranking. Maintain the frequency at a reasonable level to avoid SEO problems.

6. Page links

Page links are probably the most critical elements of your website.  Page links alert Google that you have vital information to share.  You can create links to your content or another authority site. Google rewards you for supporting its mission to organize all the world’s information and make it easily accessible. It is advisable to hire expert advertising companies to ensure that you use appropriate links.


Now that you know the vital elements of SEO copywriting, you should research how to use each element to improve the quality of your content and increase your Google ranking. If you do it yourself, you’ll save a lot of money and can learn a lot along the way. However, hiring an expert SEO copywriter is advisable if you can manage it. This way, you can get good results faster.

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