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How to Hire Freelance Writers Online

Freelancers are the best choice when you need a writer. They are affordable and flexible. However, be careful when hiring freelancers because they are not employees and have a minor support system.

In this age of increased automation, where machines replace workers, a salaried employee is often the most effective method to ensure your project stays on time and budget. However, if you want to save some money while pursuing a career as a writer and have many jobs to do, hiring a freelance writer or AI might be the right choice.

How to hire freelance writers online

The need for writers cuts across all industries. When companies are looking to grow their online presence, write top-notch press releases, or write blog posts, they often look for writers to create content to take brands to the next level. Hiring online freelance writers is an excellent option since hiring a full-time writer may not be necessary.

Determine your needs

Check how much work is needed over some time. This will help you determine whether you should hire a freelancer for a short time or a permanent freelancer to write copy for your business on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Ask around

As with any other open position you’re trying to fill, you can ask around for freelance writers from colleagues, friends, and others in your industry to get good leads. This way, you won’t have to worry about your freelancer being unreliable and missing important deadlines.

Go where the writers are

There are a lot of freelance writers looking for online jobs. They often look for jobs on niche job boards like FlexJobs, or they’re partnered with an agency like Outsource or Creative Circle. Depending on the writing you need, find out what the agency is known for (e.g., business blogging or grant writing) and look for potential contributors on that list.

Pay attention to bylines

Let’s say you read a great article online, and the author’s voice spoke to you. Make it a habit to pay attention to the author’s bylines (usually at the top or bottom of each article) and read their bio. Then research on the Internet what other media they work for so you can get an idea of what their fee might be. After all, a writer in demand is more expensive than a writer who works in a copy factory for pennies a word.

Selecting writers

When browsing available writing consultants, it can be helpful to create a shortlist of freelancers you might want to interview. You can review profiles based on the following criteria:

  • Industry affiliation. You want a writer who understands your industry to help you best reach your target audience.

  • Attention to detail. Copywriters who adhere to style guidelines, grammar, and instructions are assets.

  • Feedback. Check out reviews from previous clients to see if they’re thrilled or if you’re working with a particular writer.

Before you post a job, ask yourself

Do I need a specialist? Do you need a copywriter with a technical background? A video script writer for sales landing pages with a prosperous past? When do I need to have the project ready? If you have a tight deadline, an experienced copywriter may complete a project faster and with fewer edits.

How much research is required? The copywriter needs to know what matters to the audience and what needs to be sold before writing. The more information you can provide upfront (e.g., testimonials, past campaign results, buyer personas), the sooner they can start writing. For example, if you’re promoting an online course, a good copywriter will often go through the entire program before writing. Take this into account in your planning.

How much expertise do I need? Copy for launching a multi-million dollar product or for a problematic announcement that won’t excite readers often requires more expertise than a copy for a blog post designed to appeal to potential customers.

Hire writers: Where to find freelance copywriters

I’ve spent much of my professional career hiring staff and freelance writers. When I ran a content marketing agency, I built a database of thousands of writers, and when I built a media company, I hired dozens of full-time staff writers. Now companies rely on me as a consultant to find writers for their in-house composing teams.

I rely heavily on my network to discover the right people, but it’s also good practice to go above and beyond. To find the best people, you have to know where to look. In this post, I’ve put together a collection of places you can look for freelance writers to help you create quality content for your blog, business, or whatever you need. These are the gems that not enough people know about where people go in the writing world when they want to find reliable freelance writers for a job.

Where you need to look first depends on what kind of writer you want to hire, what kind of work you need, and whether it’s a one-time project or recurring work. Since niche sites tend to lead to higher-quality candidates, I’ve organized this list by most niche sites that cater specifically to freelance writers and general sites.

You can find freelance writers here

Writing Communities

Writing communities are among the best places to find highly skilled writers because they are full of writers who are actively invested in their careers and looking for opportunities to learn and improve.

Some groups are beneficial to all types of freelance writers, while others are geared toward writers in a particular niche. Both are worth exploring. When you share your requirement for a writer in one of these groups, you meet writers where they are and don’t have to count on them finding you in a crowded general job board.

 Facebook groups

Niche groups on Facebook are among the best places to find authors doing good work, but it can be testing to access them if you’re not an author. Some groups don’t allow people who aren’t part of their core audience to join.

Communities designed as support groups for writers tend to be more effective at finding good writers than groups that function as job boards, which often contain a lot of spam and therefore have little engagement.

Ask an author for recommendations

Most writers know other writers and are happy to tap into their network for anyone who asks, especially when working for their colleagues. If they don’t know anyone who meets your needs, they can also post your assignment in writer communities or Facebook groups open only to writers.

Below are some ways to connect with authors who might be willing to share their networks with you.

Look for authors who specialize in the topic you’re interested in and contact them via direct message on the platform, email, or through their website if they indicate so in their contact information. Ask if the person is interested in the job and if they know someone who would be a good fit for it.

This platform allows you to ask around experts. If you’re looking for an expert in content marketing, freelance writing, or editorial work, you may come across someone who has an extensive network of writers.


Freelance writing is a popular career path for many people who want to make money while working on their terms. There are several ways to search for freelance writers online, and there are freelancers for every type of skill and budget.


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