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How long does it consider for a blog to start getting traffic?

If you write a blog just for passion, then it doesn’t matter how many visitors you have.

However, if your goal is to make money with your blog, then you’re probably wondering how much blog traffic you require to make money.

You probably have other questions as well. How much blog traffic is good? How long does it require to get blog traffic?

The answers to these and other questions depend on various factors, including your niche and ability to get out of the Google sandbox. Still, the more visitors you have, the more money you make.

Based on the number of visitors to your blog, you can determine how far you can join advertising networks. The more visitors your blog has, the easier it is to approach potential sponsors or affiliate programs and show them that you are an authority in your niche.

Below is what you need to know about blog traffic to take your project to the next level.

What is blog traffic?

Blog traffic is simply the number of visitors that reach your blog in a given period.

That can be organic traffic, meaning visitors who find your blog through search engines or social media or paid traffic, meaning visitors who click on sponsored ads or posts. 

Do you want to create an interesting blog post? Don’t know how to start. Writing a good blog post can be challenging. Let’s start with by looking at some general guidelines for writing a good blog post.

How long does it require to get blog traffic?

That’s the question every newbie to blogging wants to answer right away.

However, a great rule of thumb is that it takes about three to six months for your blog to reach a large audience. It would be great if you had time to establish credibility in your niche and create enough content to get visitors to your site.

Part of the delay before your blog gets severe traffic also comes from search engine blocking. Among SEO professionals, a colloquial term called the Google Sandbox refers to the probationary period the search engine gives to new websites.

Although Google has not officially confirmed the existence of this filter, SEO professionals have found that even when they have done everything right, their new websites are not ranked by Google for any search terms for several months.

Some SEO professionals rant that Google intentionally hides new websites to drive traffic to paid advertising, but in reality, Google wants to provide the most helpful information to its users.

The algorithm doesn’t rank new sites until web admins have developed solid SEO practices and show that they are dedicated to running the site, not just holding a domain for spamming purposes. There is no set restriction to how long a site stays in the sandbox, but it mostly takes six to nine months to get out. With suitable SEO measures, writing quality posts, and building organic backlinks, you can shorten your blog’s time to get high traffic.

Be aware, however, that it takes patience to build an audience and gain the trust of Google’s algorithmic robots.

Why Do You Need Blog Traffic to Monetize Your Blog?

As mentioned earlier, higher blog traffic doesn’t necessarily equal higher revenue.

However, it would be silly to say that blog traffic doesn’t matter regarding monetization.

One of the main ways you can make money from blog traffic is through ad networks. Many ad affiliate sites will pay you based on page views or interactions (more on that later). The higher your blog traffic, the more money you make. Higher blog traffic is also helpful for other forms of monetizing your blog, such as selling courses or getting sponsors for posts.

It shows your credibility in your niche, which is attractive to potential sponsors and customers.

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Tips for increasing blog traffic

You probably know how essential website visitors are by now, but how should you get those elusive visitors to your blog?

Beware of solutions that attract visitors overnight – usually, these are black SEO practices that can get you penalized by Google robots.

Instead, you can build blog traffic through continuous work, patience, and implementing good SEO strategies.

However, the most critical consideration when chasing more blog traffic is providing consistent, quality content.

  • If you provide users with helpful content, they are likelier to click on your blog, recommend it to others, and come back.
  • Regular updates also show Google and other search engines that you will continue to provide relevant content to readers.
  • Writing content alone is not enough if you are not using good SEO practices.
  • Be sure to include keywords (without spamming) in your posts.
  • Research your niche to find out what keywords people are searching for.
  • Focus on long-tail keywords or keywords with multiple words, as these are more specific, have less competition, and are more likely to lead to click conversions. 
  • In addition to setting keywords, you can take other essential SEO actions. Include images and include the keywords you want in the file name.
  • Structure your articles well, with eye-catching headings and subheadings.
  • Reach out to other bloggers and guest posts to build backlinks that will improve your credibility in the eyes of Google robots.
  • Finally, one of the essentials you can do to increase your traffic is to have a well-designed, functional blog.

You want your technical SEO to be excellent, so invest in a good web designer or platform to address these concerns. The design is also essential for visitors to stay on your blog and click through different pages.

Blog traffic and monetization of your blog

Building blog traffic takes about six months to reach a threshold of several thousand visitors, but it pays to be patient.

Once you have thousands of monthly visitors, you can monetize your blog by joining an ad network and running display ads.

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