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9 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Website Needs A Blog

Most new ecommerce websites don’t bother creating blogs until they’ve been up for some time. This is because it makes no sense initially to start a blogging platform when trying to sell products online.

A blog is essential to any website, especially for an online store.

Websites should always have blogs associated with them because they increase traffic and sales. So if you want to start quickly, you should probably start one immediately.

Today, I will tell you eight essential reasons why your ecommerce website needs a blog.

1. A Blog Will Enhance Your Ecommerce Website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An online store’s biggest challenge is gaining traffic from organic searches. While there is plenty of room to grow, it’s hard to get noticed when competing against well-established sites.

If you are not in the top three spots on Google, that’s a loss for you.

And this issue has only become worse since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Consider it: Business owners of all sizes quickly create an online presence to continue serving their clients.

Because of this, there has been increased competition for the top search engine results. However, if you have a blog, you can use that to your advantage by creating high-quality content that helps your site get ranked higher.

According to HubSpot, blogs increase traffic by 55%. And that means they generate more leads.

You’re probably wondering what I’d write a blog post about.

If you’re running an online store, anything related to your products or services could be used for content marketing. For example, if you sell movies, you might write articles about famous actors in those movies. Or, if you sell t‑shirts, you might write articles describing the history behind certain slogans.

My best advice is to write a blog post answering your customers’ most common questions.

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2. Blog Content Is Most Sharable Content On Social Networks

Social media may be essential to promoting your business online, but it’s not always easy to market your ecommerce site on these platforms.

Because most people use social networks for fun and entertainment, they tend to visit these sites to relax and hang out with their friends or family.

They don’t care if your page has products. They care about making people laugh. So, when creating your blog posts, focus on humor.

If you’re writing blog posts about movies and TV shows, they will be something people want to read during their free time. People will be happy to share them with friends.

If you can promote your site well on these platforms, you’ll get tons of visitors from them.

Each social network website has its unique features and functions. For instance, Facebook is a jack of all social networking trades, whereas Twitter focuses on short messages. On the other hand, YouTube is best for videos, whereas Pinterest or Instagram are best for images.

You must be sure you’re reaching the right people as the platform was designed for them. However, there are some excellent social media marketing platforms out there that can help you reach your target audience.

You can usually try these services for free before deciding whether they suit you.

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3. Blogs Help Build an Email List

Email isn’t dead; there are over four billion people using email every single day. Most of these people use their phones for email.

Therefore, email marketing will remain the mainstay of any marketing plan.

You must build an extensive email list to create an effective email campaign. However, attracting new subscribers has become increasingly difficult. People are simply growing more selective.

Therefore, getting people to sign up for your service ensures that it offers them something they want. It doesn’t necessarily need to offer monetary benefit. Entertainment or informational content is just as valuable.

So, how do blogs help build an email list?

A good blogging strategy should include posting new content regularly, weekly, or daily. Whenever you post something new, you can attract more readers and subscribers. It gives you a better chance of attracting readers and subscribers.

If you’re making engaging content, subscribers will want to keep up with the latest releases.

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4. Blog Posts Help Manage Ecommerce Sales

Blogs can be any topic and succeed. And in the ecommerce world, blog posts about specific topics related to products, services, or events can increase traffic and sales.

Online shopping has become increasingly popular, so increasing traffic to your site is now even more critical than before.

What does a buyers’ guide include?

A buyers’ guide includes all the necessary information for buying products. Let’s say your mattress shop sells more than one type of product; a buyers’ guide would be helpful.

You could write a blog post explaining why getting a new mattress is a good idea, how important it is to invest in a quality product, and provide links to online retailers where you can purchase a new mattress at a discount. It would be helpful if you included some special offers to help drive traffic to your site.

You may have already noticed these ads popping up in your News Feed.

For example, you may start seeing advertisements for new clothing items during the fall season. Staying ahead of the competition can help you stand out from the crowd.

Use your blog to sell products directly from your blog post.

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5. Blog Posts Help E-commerce Websites Look Like Authority

A significant advantage of blogging is that it makes you appear to be an expert. And, as you probably know, experts tend to get lots of attention from their readers.

More than half (85%) of consumers seek content from experts before making a purchase decision.

Instead of forcing your customers to go elsewhere for an authoritative answer, you can provide them with one on your site. An excellent example of this is Tools and Accessories. They have a large selection of DIY blogs for their customers.

It not only helps them by promoting their products, but it also helps build customer loyalty. After all, they can get an authoritative opinion about how to improve their homes and buy the necessary supplies for that improvement from that authority.

They even have an interactive online tool that lets visitors chat with experts. It’s an excellent way to get feedback from real people who know what they’re talking about.

It’s important to mention that it can have the exact opposite result. If you consistently produce low-quality content on your blog, people may think you’re not an expert.

That, by itself, can be enough to kill off an online business model. So, make sure you’re releasing high-quality content. If not, it might do more harm than good.

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6. Blog Posts To Enhance Community For Your Brand


Today, some of the most successful sites are associated with particular lifestyle trends, which often begin with blogs.

For example, what comes to mind when you hear “Red Bull”?

If their marketing is effective, they may be able to convince you to think about extreme sports.

They spend a lot of time ensuring a significant portion (about half) of their marketing efforts involve people who wear sports clothing brands. They’ve been able to brand a whole room full of suits!

Many businesses cannot do this; therefore, blogging is a better way to start.

For example, take My Blog Poster UK, a high-quality content provider. It attracts many environmentally conscious customers who want to improve the environment by helping them with their websites.

We provide a lot of helpful articles for people who want to get started with websites, perform specific tasks on different CMSs, and keep up with current events. Therefore, we focus on creating high-quality articles that match our target market.

Blogs are an excellent way to attract visitors who might be interested in buying something from you later on.

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7. Use Blog Posts For Ecommerce Store Website to Create Backlinks

Backlinks are one of the main factors used by search engines to determine which websites they list at the top of their results page.

A web page that links to a Google result will likely be ranked higher than one that links to a result with fewer than three visitors per day.

A blog lets you track traffic from outside sources, making it easier to understand where your visitors come from.

For instance, did you know that, according to Google, the first page of search engine rankings usually has three times more links than the rest of the pages?

These things matter, and casually linking to them when writing articles for your blog is an effective strategy to increase its believability. After all, many readers spend their time checking whether something is true.

If your leads come from websites they know and respect, it also builds their confidence in you. And, of course, there is also an opportunity for collaboration.

You’ve probably seen the term “guest blogging,” where an unaffiliated blogger posts content on your site. These guest blog posts are usually sponsored by companies looking to promote their products or services.

If you don’t have a blog, you won’t be able to participate in this activity, which could hurt your ability to connect with potential customers.

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8. Blogging Can Help You Being A TrendSetter

Many companies today tend to follow the latest trends rather than lead them.

And to be fair that is a completely good strategy for a company at the top of its industry.

However, trend-following isn’t always practical if you’re an emerging business. If you’re creative with it, though, it might be.

Instead, you should focus on becoming a trendsetter. But how do you do this?

I’m sorry, but there isn’t much of an answer to this question. You’ll have to try your best and see what happens.

Did anyone ever remember the Ice Bucket Challenge, all due to how viral it became online? It was so popular that almost everyone took part in it.

Besides, it was a good cause. But the point is that anything could become trendy if you’re clever enough. You need to think creatively.

Regardless, be careful to avoid creating a trend around something dangerous.

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The Bottom Line

You can see that blogging can be highly effective when it comes to ecommerce websites. It provides several benefits, including SEO and attracting more skilled employees.

Blogging is one of the most effective ways to market your business without spending money.

You don’t need to hire an SEO team and writer if you’re not growing fast enough.

While becoming an ecommerce blogger has numerous benefits, writing a low-quality post can have serious consequences.

You need to be careful when releasing content because if you don’t deliver something good, you could damage your brand.

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